How To "Point" Your Domain Name At Our Server

We Suggest You Use NameCheap.Com And This Is How Easy It Is To Do It

The nameservers are:


Go to NameCheap and do a domain name search for a name you want, when you find one you like set up an account and then buy the domain, log-into your "dashboard" and go to the domain and on the right it will say "manage" click the manage button and scroll down to where is says "NAMESERVERS" and select "Custom DNS" enter the two nameservers we gave you and click the green checkmark. You're done. That was super simple.

If you own other domains or want to purchase your domain name from someone else then it's basically the same, find the name you want, buy it, point it, we'll verify the name is pointed properly, set up the hosting and install your reseller sites, when we're done we'll write and let you know.

We put three screenshots below of a domain name we bought for a new submitter that we're building for our friend Mike who owns several big online marketing companies. This will show the exact process of pointing the domain.

~ And ~

~ And ~

See how easy that was, a child could do it. But, if you don't want to try or if you want someone to do it for you its best to get on live chat with the domain name registrar and maybe they'll do it for you. We can't install your reseller sites until the domain name is "pointed" at our server because we need the domain name to set up your secure hosting space.

If you need anything in the meantime you can contact us through the Client Services link below.